Mission Statement

HandReach develops resources in medical and rehabilitative care for child trauma survivors in the developing world. We work at the acute, reconstructive, and psychosocial levels to help children debilitated by severe burns and amputations return to full function and prepare for a productive future.

HandReach envisions a world where no child is denied a full education or a chance at life. However, millions of children in the developing world are kept back from school and a future because they have suffered a debilitating injury – a burn or amputation. The world's poorest children are at the highest risk of these sudden, life-changing trauma injuries that happen in a second without warning but often bankrupt poor families and leave children crippled, dependent, and homebound for life.

HandReach is working to make the world's best practices in pediatric burn and orthopedic care available to children who are in need of surgery or rehabilitation therapy that their families cannot afford. We facilitate international clinics, sponsor training, develop technological resources, and arrange for the donation of needed equipment and supplies so that institutions can maximize their ability to treat complex injuries and promote full rehabilitation for children, regardless of income. We advocate to promote greater access to integrated rehabilitative care, and a place in society for trauma survivors that includes greater access and acceptance for people with physical differences