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The Children's Healing Initiative

HandReach is working to provide education for world-class medical and reconstructive care for children suffering from major burn trauma injuries. We are networking hospitals around the world via telemedicine, training programs, and joint clinics to bring state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery, prosthetics, equipment, physical and occupational therapy, and psychosocial therapy to pediatric trauma survivors at no cost to them or their families. Our goal is to improve the quality of these children's lives and help them realize their potential as fully participating members of society.

Success Stories - Zhou Lin, Luo Wenlong, Shen Xizhi, Wen Dan, Liu Shiwei, Zhang Luwen, Wang Yunfei, Liu Fang, Huang- Meihua, Jin Hui, Deng Jun, Ruan Siwen, Tan Yuxuan, Shi Huimin



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